I Followed My Meditation For Two Weeks. Here’s What I Studied

It wasn’t my cup of tea, but it got me to focus and I’ll keep practicing. I’ve always been interested in introducing meditation to my regular routine. As a way to help increase my productivity and energy levels while decreasing unnecessary stress.

On the rare occasions I did try to meditate, however, my mind would wander off, thinking about everything except my breathing.

I even fell asleep once or twice. Since I’ve never been able to figure out exactly how to meditate on my own. I enlisted the help of a new meditation device, Muse 2, to help me track my routines and get on track to find the best one for me.

After a week of trial and error and a week of my ideal meditating, this is what I learned.

How It Works Meditation:



When I first got my hands on this high-tech headband, I couldn’t wait to give it a try I honestly felt like a kid on Christmas morning.

First, I synced my headset to the Muse app, which I downloaded to my phone. The app is where the different meditation categories and soundscapes are stored. Meditation and where all the information detected during each session is tracked and recorded. After downloading the app and setting up a profile, it was time to put on the headband.

The gadget ought to sit along the front of your temple, with the two major cushions resting behind your ears. It ought to sit tight against your skull, with nothing blocking it this incorporates hair and any cosmetics you may wear.

Prior to every session, the application will inform you whether the headband is laying on your head. Effectively and on the off chance that it can peruse your cerebrum action. When it is altogether matched up, you’re prepared to begin.

Through the application, you can pick four unique territories to follow. These include:

  • mind
  • heart
  • body
  • breath

Another key choice to make is which soundscape you’ll pick.  Alternatives run from rainforest and shoreline to city park. The thought is that the sounds mirror the action the headband is getting amid every session.

For example, meditation the shoreline soundscape produces the sound of a quiet sea when your mind is peaceful and quiet. Assuming, be that as it may, your mind begins to race, the waves will begin to crash more intense onto the shore. These sound signs are intended to help divert your center, and peaceful and quiet your psyche once more.

Week 1: Trial And Mistake



The main week, truth be told, was somewhat unpleasant and comprised generally of adjusting what worked best for me.

Like I referenced previously, I’ve polished reflection before, however generally at a real studio with an educator.

I chose to agree to accept a 45-minute “personality” session utilizing a rainforest soundscape.

This, in any case, was an immense mix-up.

It’s one thing to sit in a delightful studio with a teacher for seventy-five percent of 60 minutes. It’s something else completely to sit discreetly in your room for a similar measure of time.

My brain was dominating the place. I continued opening my eyes, checking the time, and moving to get increasingly agreeable.

Along these lines, over the principal week, I progressively dedicated to less and less time. Forty-five minutes transformed into 30 minutes, which transformed into 15.

In the long run, I found my sweet spot for 5 minutes.

I likewise expected to make sense of which time was ideal. While I at first idea a morning session would be a decent method to kick my three day weekend, I really thought that it was difficult to center. My psyche would divert to everything from the messages I needed to send to the alters I expected to wrap up.

To neutralize this, I expected to do my contemplation sessions directly before bed. This worked, with the exception of the evenings where I get evening shifts at a bar. Amid nowadays I completed a fast five-minute practice before taking off for work.

The exact opposite thing I adjusted to make my optimal session was the soundscape. While this at first worked fine, when I try the shoreline choice attempt. I understood it was the undeniable decision for me as I’ve constantly observed the hints of waves to be normally serene.

Week 2: Working With What I Realized


In the wake of refining my sessions to discover what worked best for me. Pondering moved toward becoming something I really anticipated.

Throughout the following seven evenings, my impression of quiet went from 56 percent to more than 70 percent. I felt loose however in charge. Meditation I figured out how to pull my psyche back to center and I found that pre-session directions are key for me.

While my sessions were enhancing, I don’t know there was an enormous contrast when it came to changes in my everyday life. Some days I had more vitality than others, yet that probable additionally had to do with which shifts I took at work. My rest was actually equivalent to it’s dependably been, similar to my attention to work. Meditation, All things considered, I didn’t feel ready to concentrate any preferable or more terrible over I generally have.

Will I Keep On Thinking?

Despite the fact that I didn’t see an immense distinction in my psychological state and I don’t know I’ll keep utilizing this gadget I enjoyed enhancing my training and keeping tabs on my development. Also, chipping away at centering my brain is a capacity that I think can be extraordinarily useful for my composition propensities.

Remember that intervention doesn’t work for everybody. A few examinations have discovered that ruminating can have negative impacts, for example, tension, a sleeping disorder, or injury flashbacks.  Along these lines, while contemplating may appear like an innocuous, careful movement that everybody’s doing nowadays. It may not be something that impacts you.

Seeing Whether The Reflection Is For You:

As you slide into the new year, remember that defining objectives is about more than accomplishing them. Furthermore, if you will likely help center your brain, body, heart, and breath more for the duration of the day. Following your contemplation with Muse 2 may be something you’ll need to attempt.


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